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France schengen student visa

Obtain Your France schengen student visa in UK - Check All Requirements

How to Get a Student Visa for France

If you are looking for how to get a france schengen student visa with hassle free process. We provide fast visa delivery services for students who want to short stay in France for different purposes. Here we will explain many types of methods which can help you to apply a safe and easy way.

Do You Need a French student visa?

Whether or not you require a France Schengen student visa will depend on whether or not you are an EU nation.
If you are an EU national, or national from the EEA, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein, you don't need a France student visa. Instead, you will need a valid passport or valid travel ID to stay in France for short purposes.
If you belong nationally from anywhere else in the world, you will need to get a France student visa in order to be able to undertake the study.

What type of France Student Visa UK Will You Need?

There are different types of student visa for France, and the one you require will differ depending on the duration of how long you are planning to stay in France.

A. Schengen student visa (short-stay)

If you will study for less than 3 months, and make sure then you will not stay there for more than 3 months then you can apply for a short-stay France Schengen student visa. Any student visa for France can be issued free and can not be renewed.

B. Visa to sit entrance exams

If you want to go to France to sit one or more university entrance exams, you can try to get a visa for study purposes, which simply means a visa for sitting in entrance exams of any university. If you give your exam and you have passed, you can apply for a renewable, one-year residence permit. For more information, contact our visa consultant or the admissions department of the French institution you wish to study at.

C. Temporary long-stay visa

The visa for a long stay but temporary is an interim student visa that permit you to do study in France for a period of up to around 6months. With the France student visa in UK, you do require to apply separately for a residence permit.

D. Long-stay visa

If you wish to study in France for longer than 6 months then you require a long-stay visa. This visa acts as a residence permit and lasts for the duration of your study period (normally three years for a bachelor’s degree, two years for a master’s program, and four years for a Ph.D.). Algerian nationals do not require the VLS-TS but are subject to different provisions. Contact us to make your student visa for France in UK.

How to apply for a student visa for France

Nationals by many states are able to submit an application to their France student visa UK by way of Campus France, which is really a nation's official federal service for degree and global pupils. Those college students would additionally be asked to utilize Campus France to employ with their own preferred French associations, by way of the CEF method.

Watch this listing of all states to figure out whether you will need to apply for your own visa as well as also your entrance inside this manner.

In case a state of source isn't recorded within the connection below, then you definitely might be accountable for your university app as well as also your France student visa application. Just as soon as you've received approval to some schedule in an institution are you going to be permitted to submit an application for the student loan to get France.

In order to apply for your France student visa, you will require to contact our visa consultant or the France consulate in your home country and provide them with the following, when requested:

  • A formal approval letter on a licensed application in an institution. This is supposed to really be on formally led newspapers, including your total details and also the specifics of one's schedule of analysis, and also the beginning and ending dates of analysis.
  • Proof adequate money for surviving in the nation. The amount demanded is 615 (US$820) a month, and which is exhibited by a financial institution announcement, a guarantor's correspondence, or even perhaps a note of financing in financing, scholarship or grant.
  • Proof return ticket residence. Frequently that really is actually in the kind of the true ticket or booking revealing the day of death, but may be an hand written declaration of purpose, for example planned death dates.
  • Evidence of health care insurance (minimal pay $30,000,'' US$40,150)
  • Evidence of lodging ) Could be exhibited at the shape of pupil home verification or some certification of lodging and board or even 'attestation d'accueil' (when you should be managing relatives or friends ).
  • Proof competence in French, even in the event that you're analyzing a French language study course.

On Arrival in France

When you reach France with an extended stay VLS-TS, you will be required to send the state sort that was delivered to you and your own visa into the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) who Licensed visas agencies. This is sometimes by registered email, or in person in the event you live in Paris. At an identical correspondence, you should also show a replica of your passport that is valid, for example pages showing your individuality and also the postage issued upon entrance into France.

Once your form and replicated passport web pages have been received, you will be sent an overview of confirmation with further instructions on the following steps if demanded. This might be an instruction to have yourself a medical exam when you have not previously received a single on your state of origin.

Often your institution of study will help you with this particular component of the practice. In some cases, an arrangement exists involving the OFII as well as also the school under consideration, significance documents can be filed to the faculty instead of the French authorities.

In all instances, you will be expected to pay for a tax of 58 (US$78) to handle government expenses.

Here are the details on the requirement of a France schengen student visa UK. Go through these requirements and make a hassle free visa process.

The Original Passport of the Applicant

At the time of appointment applicant must be having a valid passport with at least 2 blank pages with him or her. The passport should not be expired within the 3 months of your return date. The passport also must include applicant’s UK residency permit or if it’s not possible then a new bio metric card would work. In case if, your passport contains visa stamps then applicant must provides both the passport, the old one along with the new passport.

Passport Size Photograph

Applicant must carry two passport size photographs of 45mm X 35 mm. These photographs must have white or pale grey background. Please note that your photograph should not be older than a month. Photo should be simple and you must not wear any fashionable glasses and head coverings in the photos. You can easily complete your study aims with our student visa for France schengen from UK.

France schengen student visa Application Form

At the time of appointment applicant must have a visa application form which contains 37 columns. The last column of the application form which is called the declaration column, it must be filled by the guardian of the applicant along with his or her signatures.

University or College Letter

In this category, a letter from your university or the college is required which confirms your attendance along with the course of study and holiday period. The letter also must mention the expected graduation date in it. Make sure the college letter must not be older than 30 days before the date of your visa application.

Travel Insurance

There are some formalities that must be followed for the travel insurance of the applicant/s. The travel insurance must cover the time duration for which you are intended to stay in France that means time duration must be equal to the period of your intended stay in France or schengen area. We deliver the best servies for France Schengen Spouse Visa from UK with our dedicated visa experts.

Here are some things to keep in mind for travel insurance as follows

  • Travel insurance must be provided by the bank with which you are having your account.
  • The bank must provide the confirmation on its original letterhead.
  • The confirmation by bank must not be older than that of 30 days of your application.

Travel insurance if taken out at Post office than it should be accompanied by the policy brochure and its original receipt.

Travel Documents

  • When you are travelling by train, flight or bus, make sure you must carry your ticket as a travel proof. As a proof of your ticket you can also carry your the printout or e-tickets which are also acceptable.
  • The ticket must contain the name of the destination where you are going to travel by flight, train or bus.
  • In case if you are travelling by car then you have to provide a registration certificate along with car insurance, driving license, MOY and ferry or Euro tunnel freight booking.
  • If you (applicant) is not the owner of the car and travelling as a passenger then all the documents mentioned above of the driver must be provided. With that the driver must also provide a confirming letter in which driver has to confirm that the applicant will be accompanying him or her in the passenger seat.

Stay or Accommodation

  • Applicant must provide the confirmation of his or her hostel or hotel booking either by fax or e-mail. Confirmation must state the name of applicant, his or her intended stay there along with address of the hotel or hostel and its contact details.
  • If your (applicant) stay is confirmed or sponsored by French residence then an Attestation accursed must be provided by the inviting party. This accursed can be obtain by the local town hall or the police station in France. If you want to ask any query regarding France student visa then feel free to call us.

Financial Requirements

Under the financial requirements, applicant must follow these things

  • Submit the original 3 month bank statement with applicant’s name and address on it.
  • Bank statement must show the balance of at least £55.00 per person or per day for each intended day of stay in France.
  • The Bank statement must not be older than 30 days of date of application. If the statement is older than 30 days then one can provide original printout of same bank showing your up-to-date balance.
  • The statement must carry your name or the official stamp of bank on it as a confirmation. So it was all about schengen student visa required documents.


In case if you the application is unable to provide your bank statement then in that case you should provide EURO travellers choose to the value of £60.00 for per person – per day for the each intended day of your stay in France, you can also take pre-paid card in your consideration.

Facing Issue To Get France Visa

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